Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nobody's Perfect

Talking with my sis today, I was reminded that perfection is overrated. We were talking about all the great blogs out there, and how "perfect" many bloggers' lives seem. She made the comment that it depresses her to look at these blogs sometimes. "Even yours" she said to me, and I was honestly taken aback. I am so critical of myself, that I never even considered that someone might feel that way.
I knew what she meant about seemingly idyllic lives being photographed and blogged about, sometimes it does make me lust after someone else's life. The thing I think we need to remember is that a blog is just a small part of someones life. Some of us are more fortunate than others, some of us are single and struggle financially, and others have supportive husbands. Some are talented and creative, while others enjoy just looking at pretty things.
I never really thought about the fact that what might be inspiration for me, could be intimidating and discouraging to someone who might be facing challenges and major changes in their life.
I LOVE looking at beautiful pictures of homes and crafts, but there is another perspective that I had not considered.
Let's face it, nobody wants to read a blog about someone complaining about their unhappy life, or their bad marriage, but we all need to remember that nobody's perfect. I'm sure many of us who have blogs are facing challenges and disappointments, we just try to focus on the positive. I try to view my favorite blogs as inspiration and motivation, to get myself moving and doing creative things that make me feel good too. I try not to compare what I'm doing to anyone else, that can be disheartening.
I'm sure most of the talented ladies out there would agree, we all have our struggles, we are just trying to focus on what makes us happy, and maybe even brightening someone else's day in the process.
If we can remain humble, and live a life of integrity, I think we can still revel in the beauty of life without forgetting what's really important.
Any thoughts?

No matter how bad things may seem, we must remember to "sing, laugh, dream"

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  1. That is so true. The grass is not always greener on the other side!!! Someone who reads my blog once asked me how I keep my home so clean all the time...I had to laugh because it's not always clean but I'm sure not going to take pictures and share it with everyone when it's a mess!

    I've seen blogs where all they do is complain about everything! I find it so depressing and I'm always surprised that people read those blogs and leave comments. I like to surround myself with beautiful things and positive thoughts! I like living in my little dream world. Ha!

  2. Excellent post. And so true. When I blog, sometimes I often refer to it as 'smoke and mirrors.' In fact, I think I did today in my post. Of course, my blog is my life. But just a fragmented, prettier version with all the stress and dirty laundry cut out. :)

  3. I must say that I love your positive attitude. You are an inspiration to me. When I read your writings, I want to write all positive blogs. Then I remember Lisa, I must tell people the truth, which is not always pretty.

    But yours words and attitude help me to be a better person. THank you.

  4. I love you. I had a fight with my husband today, and when I flipped open the computer I was on your page, and I focused on the part that says "I am surprisingly happy single" and I thought for a second. No, I'm not there, but I swear I could adjust.

    If I get one more credit card letter raising int rates I'll freak out, biz couldn't be worse, it's hotter than hell, and Los Angeles is on fire.

    I do know that when I feel like this, I nest. So I check out others homes and blogs to get a little inspiration and to see how they live - maybe they are saying something that I like. I don't like perfection either, it doesn't fool me - I'd much rather see real life goin on type of photo.

    My somewhat sister is in the process of divorce with 3 kids and they're losing everything. She lives in Arizona, and spent a month here staying with different relatives. She spent a week with me moody and irritable with 3 confused kids and no money. She writes on facebook "I'm in California hanging on the beach - can life be any better?" SERIOUSLY, Really - what a crock of bull.

    So I agree - there's a lot of smoke and mirrors going on.

    Maybe we should have a linky party called Why I'm Pissed Off.

    Maybe I'll just go have a cupcake and wait for this shitty day to end.

    If I wasn't following you before, I am now -


  5. Love this comment Marsha! Enjoy that cupcake:)


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