Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back Home

Well, it's done, my daughter is all moved in to her new home in San Diego.  We got her dorm room all set up, and I have to admit, she has the most coordinated space I saw during our time on campus.  The week started out great, the whole move-in process was busy and fun.  By week's end, coming home and leaving her behind was looming near, and my younger daughter started getting sick. By the time we left Saturday morning, she had been up during the night throwing up, and the ride home would be a challenge.

Saying goodbye to my daughter, and to my sister and sweet little nieces was tough.

I had a lot of time to think on the way home...

Now that we've been home a few days, it's taking a little getting used to.  It's pretty quiet around here.  I never thought I'd miss their arguing ( the cats & the girls!).  Kristil seems to be settling in, and it looks like Alyssa might be able to go back to school tomorrow finally.  She wound up with a full blown flu, ear infection, sore throat...you name it, she got it. 

Thank goodness for Facebook, texting, and email.

Thinking I need some baking or crafting therapy this weekend, it will be the first one I've been "home alone" in a while.

I think I've been tested this past week or so.  I hope I passed. 
My two little nieces, they kept us entertained during our time in San Diego

Monday, September 14, 2009

Week of Emotions

Just a short post today about something sad...today I will be giving up my sweet little kitty Camry.  Holly, an old co-worker of mine has kindly offered to take her and give her a new home.  We are forced to give up this dear little member of our family beause she and our older cat Roxy, do not get along.  Camry has taken to spraying all over our house, it started out just a few times in a week, to now a daily thing, in numerous places.  I have taken her to the vet to see if she is ill, she is not.  I've tried multiple things to get her to stop, but nothing has worked.  The cleaning involved is endless, and some things including spots on my wood floors have been ruined.  I have been dealing with this all summer and finally had to make a very hard decision to remove her from our home.  We  have grown very attached to this little girl, it will be very hard.  I've shed quite a few tears in the past couple weeks, and past couple days especially. 
This is also the week we leave for San Diego to move my daughter in to college at UCSD.  A lot of big changes in our home this week, it's gonna be a tough one.  Please keep me and my girls in your thoughts. 

Happy Thoughts,

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Little girls grow up, where did the time go?

So I'm feeling a little reflective today, my "baby" girl recently started high school. It just does not seem possible that this little girl who liked to toddle around the house in only a diaper and bucket on her head, can actually be old enough to wear make-up and have classes with Senior boys (ugh!).

This is the same little girl who always told me she'd live with me forever :)

Kristil & Alyssa, about 8 years ago...

Not only did my "baby" just start high school, but my "big girl", as I like to call her, will turn 18 in two weeks and leave for college soon. We've been buying dorm stuff and tying up all the loose ends of the college requirements, and now the time has come. In just over a week, we will pack up my trusty little truck, and make the 7+ hour drive to Southern Cal (the swanky little town of La Jolla, actually) to join the ranks of every other recent high school grad who ever dreamed of college, that right of passage... the "move-in". As a crafty mom, I have been making sure all the dorm stuff, bedding, storage bins, towels, lamps, etc, are all color coordinated. I'm sure a last minute run to Target will still be in order, even though it seems we have everything.

How can it be? It seems like just yesterday that I walked her into her classroom on her first day of kindergarten. I remember it so clearly, some of the kids were crying, not wanting mommy or daddy to leave, but my big girl was ready to go, there were no tears for her.

The years, a blur of slumber, Halloween, and Valentine parties, school shopping, haircuts, ear piercings, soccer games, school open houses, flew by. Now, a new chapter in our lives, my baby and I home just the two of us, a chance to bond and have the one on one time we never had together, and my big girl, facing new challenges, responsibilities and grown up decision making.

I face these changes with both fear and excitement. Fear of the unknown and the loss of the safety net I can no longer keep around my oldest, and excitement for a whole new world for her of experiences and adventures. I'm trying mostly, to feel assured, knowing that the dream of a college education for her is finally being realized, we really made it!

I bet there are quite a few of you contemplating these same changes with your own kids, or maybe another impending change?

Wish me luck, I think I'm gonna need it!

Happy Thoughts,

An early birthday celebration for my daughter's 18th birthday.

In true crafty fashion, making coordinated desk/room accessories.