Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back Home

Well, it's done, my daughter is all moved in to her new home in San Diego.  We got her dorm room all set up, and I have to admit, she has the most coordinated space I saw during our time on campus.  The week started out great, the whole move-in process was busy and fun.  By week's end, coming home and leaving her behind was looming near, and my younger daughter started getting sick. By the time we left Saturday morning, she had been up during the night throwing up, and the ride home would be a challenge.

Saying goodbye to my daughter, and to my sister and sweet little nieces was tough.

I had a lot of time to think on the way home...

Now that we've been home a few days, it's taking a little getting used to.  It's pretty quiet around here.  I never thought I'd miss their arguing ( the cats & the girls!).  Kristil seems to be settling in, and it looks like Alyssa might be able to go back to school tomorrow finally.  She wound up with a full blown flu, ear infection, sore throat...you name it, she got it. 

Thank goodness for Facebook, texting, and email.

Thinking I need some baking or crafting therapy this weekend, it will be the first one I've been "home alone" in a while.

I think I've been tested this past week or so.  I hope I passed. 
My two little nieces, they kept us entertained during our time in San Diego


  1. We all have to say goodbye sometimes, and it doesn't get easier either. But hey, that's the good thing about us bloggers. We can always say hello to each other when we want. Be sure to drop by Furniture and Design so I can have your hello.


  2. I am planning on not handling college well - four more years to plan my breakdown.

  3. Well, I know it is a challenge not having your daughter around, but you have given her to a world that needs her terribly. The love and joy you display through the words in your blog can only iminate through your daughter's life as well. Thank you. YOU are a blessing to more people than you may realize, and I am sure your daughter will eventually be as well. I hope this message was somewhat re-assuring....:)

    It gets easier as time passes. We will keep you and your family, in our prayers.


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