Saturday, October 3, 2009


Sometimes I forget to appreciate my friends like I should.  I am continually touched by the kindness of my friends, some days though, something just reaches out and grabs me, and I'm reminded of how important they are to me.  Just last weekend, one of my closest friends invited me at the last minute to join her for a drive into San Francisco.  She needed company while taking her teenage son and two friends to a concert.  She had a few hours to kill while they were having their fun, and her boyfriend had to cancel at the last minute.  When she called, I was firmly planted on the couch, it was Friday after all, and I was getting myself in the zone of the weekend to come...I hesitated, and was ready to come up with a good excuse (too tired, no money, have to bathe the cat, etc).  I just couldn't say no though, I knew if I needed her one day, she'd do what she could and there was really no reason not to go, other than I was pretty tired.  I figured I could rest on the way there and we'd probably wind up seeing a movie, so it wouldn't take that much energy. 
We had a great night, she treated my to dinner and even though she thought I was doing her a favor by going on the spur of the moment, she did me a favor, all I would have done that night was fall asleep by 8 in front of the TV.
Today,  another good friend treated me to something I knew I shouldn't spend money on, but really wanted.  My neighbor was having a great estate sale, and had the perfect little outdoor bistro set that matches my house perfectly, I was telling my friend how much I really wanted it, but should not spend the $30 right now, even though  it really was a great price.  She wanted to check out the sale too, so we met there in the morning, and the first thing she told me when I saw her was, I have a surprise for you...I'm buying you the table/chairs for your birthday!  Well, my birthday is in March, and since
it's only October, you can imagine my surprise. 
What wonderful friends I have, there are so many more stories like this, my girlfriends who stood by me in the worst times of my life, and those who have shared some of my best days.  I really am grateful, and lucky to have these women in my life.
Thank you girls...a little shout out to Linda, Jill, & Wendy.  You girls are the best!

Happy Thoughts,


  1. What wonderful friends you have, love you Birthday present! Have a sweet day! x

  2. That's what friends are for ... to pull us kicking and screaming from our sitting at home.

  3. I wonder what happended to the comment I orginally left? Thanks for mentioning me in your blog. It was a fun night in the city and thanks to Amanda for letting us borrow her Garmin we were able to travel around with out getting lost. GFF

  4. Very nice to hear a nice story about friends.


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