Monday, August 3, 2009


Ahhh, the power of inspiration. Since starting the book Julie & Julia a few days ago, what inspires me has been on my mind quite a lot. It takes me back to my childhood when I would sit in front of PBS (channel 9 in Northern CA) and watch Julia Child creating her magic in the kitchen. I was hooked on cooking shows at an early age, but I had forgotten the underlying influence she had on me. Then move ahead many years later, when as a newly married young wife, I saw an early (possibly first) episode of the then unknown Martha Stewart (PBS again). I sat in awe as she prepared a magnificent, if not extravagant Thanksgiving meal, every hair in place, all calm, cool, and collected. Her elaborate meal and decorations laid out and served in her barn next to the "main house". I was hooked, never would I live in a place as sumptious at MS's digs, but if I could just take a small part of what she was doing, I felt like I was on my way to the glorious, exhausting life of entertaining. Whether you love her or hate her, you've got to admire this onetime caterer, who single handedly built an empire and became a household name. The point of all this though, is inspiration, and where do you find yours?

Easily, I can say in the kitchen, before even JC or MS, I was inspired by my own mother and grandmother, both amazing, Italian cooks. This would have to be where I got my true passion for cooking and baking. My grandmother, as a broke, single mother, managed to open her own bakery and run it successfully for over 20 years, before my uncle took it over to continue her legacy.

Outside of the kitchen I am inspired by the many talented, artistic women who I've recently discovered by way of Internet, who are home, raising their children, but also sewing, crafting, designing and photographing. I could have never imagined all the quiet talent that is out there.

I am inspired by women like Julie Powell, an ordinary young woman, like so many of us, who turned a clever and funny blog into one of the currently most popular books and movies of all time. I am inspired by mothers who go back to school in their 30's and 40's, reinventing themselves and starting brand new careers. I am inspired by women - single, married and divorced, who are managing to raise their children, earn a living and still maintain their sanity.

Take a moment to consider who inspires you, and more importantly, what can you do with that inspiration?

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  1. Yes I agree, Martha Stewart is such a great inspiration! I think she made it okay for women to love home and all that goes with it at a time when women's libbers made you feel like that was not the right way to think! I'm so thankful for that!

  2. ps.Thanks so much for visiting me today! I have added your name to my give away...
    hope you are having a happy day.
    xoxo Lidy

  3. I didn't realize you were so hooked on cooking shows so young. Maybe you will be the next JC or MS.


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