Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cake makes everyone feel better!

This past weekend was busy and I started Monday morning off tired from it. Between mowing my lawns, changing bed sheets, cleaning bathrooms, and a soccer game thrown in, I made two special friends two yummy cakes, so it was all worth it! Dark chocolate layers (3 for each cake), filled with a chocolate "ganachey" (is that a word??) frosting and mocha buttercream. I did it all twice, just in case the recipes didn't come out right doubled. They were sooo good...since they were for friends, I got a piece out of both :), just what I need, hah!

Wendy's cake

Melanie's cake

Lindsey's cake

Cake sure does bring smiles to faces, gotta love it!

P.S Wound up making one more cake this week, 3 in a week, new record for me :)


  1. Hi -

    It's so nice to meet you - I'll be back at the blog this weekend, it's been a really crazy summer.

    I came to your place and I'm glad I did, I see I have a lot of back reading to do, but of course, you had me at CAKE.

    Happy Days


  2. Dream Girl:

    I gained 5lbs just looking at those beautiful cakes. I am wondering how long did it take to bake and decorate each one??????

  3. Those look so good! I love the little daisies!


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