Sunday, January 3, 2010

My sweet surprise...

My favorite gift this year for Christmas  was a picture my daughters took of themselves in our backyard.  They set up my oldest daughter's camera to take the picture, they wore matching sweaters and they were sneaky and did the whole thing on Thanksgiving day while we were getting ready to head over to my parents.

They ordered the two best shots online and framed them.  I got a color 8X10 and a black & white 5X7. They even had them made for their grandparents.  This was all done as a surprise.  Well, I did have a clue, but I never peeked, nor did I let on that I knew anything.

I love the picture,  I needed a new picture of both of them.  Not a bad picture either, for a couple of amatuers with a little point and shoot digital camera.

These are the kind of gifts that cost so little, but mean so much. 

My 2nd favorite gift was a web cam for my computer from my parents.  Now I can chat and see my daughter at the same time.  When she visits my sister and nieces on the weekend, I'll get to see them too.  I can't wait.  I miss all these girls.  It's been hard to see them all leave and head back to Southern Cal this past week.

My daughter missed her flight this morning, I feel so bad.  I drove her.  If we had only left 15 minutes sooner.  Who knew the airport would be that packed at 6:25am.  Now I'm home, and she's stuck there on standby with all the other people who missed their flights too.  At least she has company.  I keep trying to remind her it's not that bad, she doesn't have screaming kids in tow, she has no where she has to be today.  Classes don't start until tomorrow.  I'm reminding her to see the glass half full.

Tomorrow is back to work and school.  Having a bit of the Sunday blues.  Gonna try to stay positive.  Keep smiling, look at my picture and remind myself of my blessings. Happy my house is clean and Christmas is packed up for another year.

Have a great week  & Happy Thoughts,


  1. Happy New Year to you and your family. What a wonderrful story of the "picture taking" surprise. I am sure the picture was your best gift. As it came from the hearts of your daughters. From their heart to yours. What gift could possibly compare to faces of your babies? Not even a million dollars:)

    Have a wonderful work week, and the most prosperous year ever. Lets Make it happen.

  2. By the way, your daughters are beautiful.


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