Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A little Fairy Magic...

Every time a child says, "I don't believe in fairies," there is a fairy somewhere that falls down dead.  ~James Matthew Barrie, Peter Pan

The first of three banners I made for inside the house.

I have mentioned before that I have two little nieces, now 4 and soon to be 7 years old, that I absolutely adore. Last week my sister and the girls came to visit. We, my girls, my parents, and I, were so excited to have them come, they hadn't been here since Christmas, and hadn't visited during the summer in over two years.

I had recently been in Southern California visiting with them when I picked up my daughter from college. She goes to school just a half hour from where they live in Carlsbad, CA, so I get to see them when I move her down and pick her up each year.  We also try to make another trip over spring break to visit all of them, "my girls", as I affectionately refer to my daughters, nieces, and sister.

I decorated the kitchen and dining room to match the theme.

On my last visit in June, the little girls and I planned a "Fairy Picnic" for when they would come to visit in July. The girls love nature and being outside, and of course, they love fairies! I let them help me decide the menu, just a simple lunch of tea sandwiches, salad, and fresh fruit "kabobs". I added in one of their favorite foods, deviled eggs, and tea cakes for dessert.

I included lots of little details, such as bubbles, a fairy door, comfy blankets, little bottle necklaces with pink "fairy dust" (aka, glitter) in them.  I forgot to take a picture of the fairy dust necklaces, but they were a big hit, and had to be re-filled several times, as the girls dusted everything in site!

This little table was all ready for them to put on their crowns, wings, and grab their wands before heading outside.

My little candy bars, the back had the quote:  "Just living is not enough", said the butterfly.  "One must have sunshine, freedom, & a little flower".


The picnic area all ready for them outside.

A table set for the "big girls".

All the flowers I used were from my own garden.

I used this table to keep all the food on, protected from flies and bees.

I forgot to take pictures of the food before we started serving, but I managed to get a couple shots before it was all gone.

They were so excited when they saw the picnic area all set up for them!

I think I had myself as excited for this picnic as they were; it was all I thought of and worked on my first 3 weeks off from work.  I tried to come up with inexpensive ideas, using my favorite color them of pink and green.  I tried to think of every detail that would make the day magical. 
A shot of India in her wings & crown.
India, 4
Sahara, 6

We had such a lovely day, spent mostly outside.  After lunch, we read stories, then my girls set up two slip-n-slides out on our front lawn, and the little girls had a blast sliding down the hill.  After that, they played on the trampoline, that sits so lonely in another area of my property.  My sister and I went for a walk down by the river, while my girls fixed dinner for everyone.  We ended the day setting off leftover fireworks from the 4th of July, in our backyard, it was truly magical.  It was definitely a day to remember, and  it lived up to the (high) expectations I couldn't help but have after all the work and anticipation.

The details...
Fairy Crowns I made for the girls, using candle rings I found on the clearance isle at Michael's.

Little Fairy Door, purchased from Lovinglee Crafted/Etsy, I hung it in a tree right next to the picnic area.

Close up on Bubbles Tag, Clip Art from revidevi/Etsy Shop
Bubbles purchased for $1 at Walmart, prettied up w/ ribbon and handmade tags.

Little Gumball Pipettes, Gumballs & Plastic Pipettes from Polka Dot Market

Little milk bottles & paper straws, purchased from Polka Dot Market.

Wands that I found on sale at Michael's, they came in a kit, but I used my own ribbon, tulle, and paper flowers to embellish them.

Skewers I decorated w/ ribbon for the fruit.
" I Believe in Fairies" Stickers we all wore.
An inexpensive candle I found at Ikea, I made a little "tu tu" for it w/ leftover ribbon, tulle, & flowers.

Little picks I made to match everything.
Bags with their initials for little gifts I had been collecting.

Fairy wings I "re-purposed" for my little niece.  They were found in my youngest daughters closet, long ignored by her.

My sister got so comfy under the trees, she took a little "Fairy Nap"

I will fondly remember this summer for the wonderful visit I had with my sister and her precious girls, especially our little "Fairy Picnic."

Happy Thoughts,


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