Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer List

Cut not the wings of your dreams,
for they are the heartbeat and the freedom of your soul. 

My "official" summer is finally here, I finished my last day of work for this past school year, and now I don't have to report back to my "9 to 5" job until August.  

There is so much I want to do in the next 6 weeks, both fun stuff w/ my family and friends, and projects and tasks around my house.

I know that no matter how hard I try, I won't get it all done.  I am not being a pessimist, it's just that I always put way too much on my plate, so it winds up being literally impossible to to do it all.  That's ok though...if I can get just some of the "to do's" off my summer list, then I will be happy ;)

First off, I need to make my list, if I don't, I will never focus enough to get started on all that I want to accomplish.

Making the list is the first step.  Some of the items on my list will be things I want to do "someday", not necessarily this summer, but most will be things I can accomplish within the next few weeks.  I love being able to check off items on my list as I finish them.  There will be fun things, like day trips or trying new things, like making homemade pickles, and chores that I never seem to find the time to do, like cleaning out under my bed (ugh!) and de-cluttering my closets.  There are those projects I started that haven't been touched in weeks (or months!), that will make me feel so good when I can finally finish them.  Then there will be the simple things, such as read a new book, or take time to sit in my garden and soak in all the nature around me.

Something I'm dreaming of right now, that cannot be accomplished this summer, but hopefully someday in the near future, is attending a women's retreat called Brave Girls' Camp.  I had heard about it a while ago in a blog that I enjoy reading regularly called Bushel & A Peck.  From what I can tell, it is 5 days of women getting together for fun, food, creating, and support.  Women from all different backgrounds & locations get to have a sort of big slumber party together.  That's my interpretation of it anyway, check out the website and you can decide for yourself.  It just sounds like something I would love to do someday, so I'd like to start saving up for it and make it a reality.

As I have mentioned before, I truly believe that women need each other in so many important ways.  We all love our kids, our boyfriends, husbands, etc., but having  girlfriends, mothers, or sisters, to confide in, to lean on, to share stories, hopes, and dreams, is so important.  As women, I strongly feel we need to stick together.  No one understands a woman more than another woman.  

Now, it's time to get that list started and enjoy SUMMER!

Happy Summer & Happy Thoughts,

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  1. I love all the things I get accomplished in the summer...and all the time I waste! Brave Girl Camp is worth all of the penny pinching.


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