Friday, June 25, 2010

My Garden Retreat

I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.- Emma Goldman

This quote is totally and completely me.  I would sell a piece of jewelry (if I had anything valuable enough), for a rose plant or any garden flower, for that matter, without a bit of hesitation.

I love to garden.  I am not a professional in any way.  I am completely self-taught.  I learn mostly by trial and error...a lot of error, actually ;)

If something doesn't make it, I just plant something else in it's place.  It's kind of survival of the fittest in my garden.  Shabby Chic, with more "shabby" than "chic" comes to mind as well.

I could have a much tidier yard, if I wanted to spend every waking moment outside....which I wouldn't mind, except that there is all that other bothersome stuff, like housework, kids, grocery shopping, work, etc.  I don't have the budget for a gardener, but I'd really rather do the work myself, it's something I truly enjoy. This works for me, nothing in my house is perfect, I have  a lot of chipped furniture, homemade curtains, etc.  I am OK with that.  I am not rich, my budget is small....but I do what I can to keep myself surrounded with the lovely, pretty little things that mean so much to me. I am very visual, and beauty is objective, which is what I love about it.  What is beautiful to me, might be just an old cast-off to someone else.  That's what makes this world such an amazing place.

For now, I am enjoying my summer mornings outside, before the kids are up, drinking my coffee, dead-heading my roses, sweeping up after the squirrels and birds who feast on my plum and almond trees, content w/ my little corner of this big beautiful world.

Happy Gardening & Happy Thoughts,

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  1. Oh wow, your garden is beautiful! It looks like a gorgeous and peaceful place to sit and have morning're so lucky to have that space!

  2. Oh, just wonderful flowers.............such a stunning garden. I agree completely with the quote, too.

    As I've gotten older and fallen more and more in love with flowers it makes me appreciate my mother's gift for them even more and everyone else's gift for them, like yours!

    Hugs, Lana

  3. You have a beautiful sitting arera! And I luv your collection of vintage patio goodies. Thanks for sharing...Julian

  4. Your patio looks enchanting. Just beautiful! Susan

  5. Your garden is gorgeous...I could use your help in mine!!!

  6. Your yard is just lovely. I would love for my yard to look as nice. I like it little on the wild side. Not too manicured...I think it's just perfect.

  7. What a peaceful place to sit and unwind. Just lovely!

  8. What a beautiful spot to enjoy your morning.. Happy 4th to and yours!
    hugs from Savannah, Cherry

  9. Such beautiful gardens.. OH love your song. Have a great weekend. Debbie


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