Friday, February 25, 2011

Life and other random thoughts...

"Have a heart that never hardens, a temper that never tires, a touch that never hurts." Charles Dickens

It's really cold here again. 
Every time I hear the heater go on, I think of all the money I already owe PG&E, ugh...

There is a boy at my school who is leaving. 
He's going to live with a new foster family. 
It is breaking my heart. 
He is the cutest little guy. 
A sweet little second grader.
He likes the "panacakes" at McDonald's. That's not a typo-that's how he says pancakes :)
How could his mother not want him?
Life is so unfair sometimes.
How could I ever complain of anything, ever again?
I have even considered becoming a foster parent, just so he could come live with me and my girls. 
It's a big decision. 
I'm not sure if it's the right time in my life, but someday I think I might like to do this. 
I love kids. 
Everyday they make me smile at work.

Tonight I'm spending the evening chaperoning my daughter's high school yearbook class. 
It's one of their deadlines, and they work til 10pm getting their pages done once a month or so.
Their advisor/teacher is out of town and they needed a parent chaperone. 
I'm really just here playing around on the computer and reading. 
I enjoy it though. 
They are good company.
They play good music.
The kids are totally self-sufficient.
I baked them chocolate chip pan cookies and popped them some popcorn. 
They are so appreciative.
They even bought me Starbucks :)
I love being a mom.

I miss my big girl. 
I am so proud of her, it makes my heart swell.
I can't imagine what it will be like when my baby girl will be away at college too.
I would never hold them back. 
As hard as it is for me, I encourage them to spread their wings and fly...
I want them to do everything in life I was too afraid to do.
I think that's what we all want as parents.
I am raising smart, independent girls. 
I learn from them everday.
I love them so much.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I will be working job #2.
Then some fun times with the gang at job #1, pizza and bowling.
The weekend is going to fly by.
But life seems to fly by, doesn't it?
All we can do is hold on and make it the very best we can.

Happy Thoughts,


  1. I want them to do everything in life I was too afraid to do....

    Lisa, I could *so* relate to this statement!

  2. I've thought a little about foster care also but I know I'd get too attached and if I had to give one up I'd be devastated:( I hope your 2nd job is going well!

  3. 'So much to respond to here--and I'll write more later--but for now: I'm stealing that Dickens quote for my blog. I love it and had never read it before. Thank you for that. :)



  4. Hello again. :)

    I know what you mean about the little kids. I see that kind of thing a lot where I work too, of course, and there have been more than a few kids I've wished I could take home with me. You're right, though--Maybe someday the time will be right for you to do this kind of thing. "Panacakes." :)

    How fun to sit in on their yearbook meeting. :)

    How is the new job going? I hope it's a good week for you so far. :)


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