Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas and thoughts for the New Year

Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.

- Eleanor Roosevelt

I hope that everyone had a Christmas that was everything they hoped for.
Mine was nice and low key,  spent with family, my parents and my girls.  On Christmas Eve I made visits during the day to my closest friends to deliver my Christmas cookies.  Later that night I hosted dinner at my house for our small family, we had a delicious dinner, and later watched A Christmas Story and White Christmas in front of the fire, it was a nice quiet evening. 

Cookies just before I started boxing them up for delivery.

Tonight I will be picking up my sister and nieces from the airport, they will be here visiting for a few days, and I am really looking forward to this, I love these girls so much.

I spent most of today raking leaves and cleaning up (again!), but also thinking of what I want out of the new year.  Most of all, is just to be happy.

I've been thinking of what really makes me happy, and without a doubt my family is first on the list.  I tried to think of the times in my life when I felt most happy, and love and financial comfort both come into play as well.  But something that really sticks out is GIVING.  Giving of my myself, through volunteerism.  One of the best weeks of my life was probably helping with the Park Playground project I got to work on that I've mentioned before. 

The table for Christmas Eve dinner.  The girls set it for me.
My challenge to myself for 2011 is to find an organization that I can feel comfortable with, to consistently find the time to volunteer.  I will have to do some research, I want to make a commitment and stick with it, and to do that, I must find something I can feel  passionate about, but that will also fit around my work schedule.  I rruly believe we all have a purpose in this life, and I feel it's important that we try to figure what that purpose is.

What are you hoping for in 2011?

Happy New Year & Happy Thoughts,


  1. Lisa, hope you find the perfect organization to volunteer with. That is an admirable goal.

    For 2011, I wish to pay off as much debt as I can & build both an emergency fund and the Christmas Club acct. so I will be prepared for next Christmas. :)

    May you be blessed in the New Year ahead!

  2. Very cozy your Christmas dinner decoration. And your cookies look great!
    This year I bake some cinnamon cookies to give to my friends at Christmas. It was funny and I love to wrap them in Kraft paper (with ties and labels) and personalize them.
    I hope that your volunteer purpose for 2011 come true. I did not make my list yet :)

  3. Your home is just so lovely, Lisa. It is a true talent to make whites look so cozy, and you always manage to do it. :) So pretty! And I'm so glad you all had a good Christmas. I did too, just battling a cold now. Back to bed! Happy new year, and I'll email soon. :)

  4. Look how pretty your dining room was this Christmas. I had hoped mine would be too but I didn't get my furniture painted. You know it's very similar to your's. But pretty your's is.

  5. Sounds like such a nice Christmas and Wow look at those cookies. They look really good!


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