Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weekend's over and my bathroom...

"There must be quite a few things a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them."
 -Silvia Plath

So, the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend is just about over, and back to work tomorrow.  Being pretty broke right now, we mostly stayed in and watched TV, sat by the fire and did chores around the house and yard.  I was determined to get a few things done while I was off.  I managed to get the inside of my truck cleaned, mowed the lawn, did some trimming, put away the few Fall decorations I had out and today I'll start pulling out the Christmas boxes.  I also got a little online shopping done for my girls.  I save all year so that I will have a little money for my Christmas shopping, this is the only way I'd be able to manage it.

My plan of attack this year is to decorate gradually, so I am not overwhelmed with it all.  We have some family commitments the next couple weekends, so I'll have to manage my time well.  I usually don't accomplish much in the evenings during the week by the time I get home from work and fix dinner. I want to have the tree up and ready for when my daughter comes home so we can decorate it together. 

There's been so much drama this year, I am just trying to enjoy the holidays, I mean after all, the problems will still be here waiting in January, right?!?

I love looking at pictures of other people's houses, so today since I have no new photos to share, I thought I'd share pictures of one of my favorite rooms in my house, the bathroom. 
I saved a lot of money by shopping around for all
the fixtures and plumbing supplies myself.

I found a guy in a another state who re-mirrored old mirrors, so I was able to keep the original details of beveling and etching on the old medicine cabinets.  I mailed him the mirrors and it was still cheaper than replacing the mirrors w/ plain mirrored glass.

This is the original cabinet, I just removed the doors and had the top tiled.

 I purchased the old claw-foot tub right after we bought the house, but it sat in my garage for 9 years before it actually made it to the bathroom(I may have talked about this before, so I apologize if you've heard this already!)  These pictures are not new, but nothing has changed, I'm pretty content with it just as it is.  Eventually I'll have to replace the shower curtain, but otherwise I like the white w/ just a touch of green. 

The bathroom was an unusable mess when we bought the house.  The toilet was actually wall mounted!  Eww, like in a public restroom.  When we started pulling up the old tile floor (redone in the 60's, so very ugly) there was a hole in the floor from where the original toilet had been.  The door to this bathroom stayed closed for 9 years, really, I mean it, it was really gross!

I had a friend who did tile work and he kind of became my "general contractor".  He found me different guys to do the work that needed to be done, such as electrical, plumbling, drywall, wood work, etc.  He did the tile work and some of the shower rebuilding, it was all rotted out from water leakage.  He was amazing and I saved a lot of money with his help. 

I know the photos are lousy, but I didn't feel like retaking them, and my camera is so old, I don't know how much better I can get them.  You get the idea though.
When it was finally time to put the tub in, I breathed a sigh of relief that my measuring had been correct and it was really going to fit!

There is nothing like a good soak in a hot bath with a good book for a little R & R.  For now though, it's time to haul up those Christmas decorations, the bath will have to wait for later...
Happy Decorating and Happy Thoughts,


  1. What a lovely bathroom. I love the old mirrors. Very pretty.

  2. Your bathroom is lovely! I love clawfoot tubs. Lucky girl! :)

  3. Wow, your bathroom is gorgeous! I think it's so much more satisfying to do things on a budget:) You did a great job, so soft and feminine!

  4. Hi Lisa, I discovered your blog by luck a few days ago. And have been great and funny to read all the things that you write. Now, everyday I look forward for a new post!
    I identify myself with many things that you say and particularly when you talk about the simple pleasures of life. Sometimes, with the stress and the rush we forget the most important! Keep writing and sending news!
    Helena (from Portugal)
    P.s. Forgive me my bad English

  5. It's lovely! Fresh and cozy. :)


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