Saturday, May 22, 2010

Garage sale friends

"Tart words make no friends; a spoonful of honey will catch more flies than a gallon of vinegar."
-Benjamin Franklin
Last weekend we decided to have a very impromptu garage sale...the "we" being my 14 year-old daughter and I.  We literally made the decision on Thursday night.  The motivation here was money, we were going into the weekend pretty broke, so we thought it could be a quick way to earn a little cash for a trip to the grocery store and to get rid of some stuff we've been piling up in the garage.

The thing I love about garage sales is the people.  I love meeting new people and hearing stories about their lives.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a true "people" person.  At work, I am the first person you see when you walk in our office, and the first person to pick up the phone when calls come in.  This job seems to suit me, I enjoy meeting knew people, helping them fix a problem, or whatever else they may need.

My garage sales are usually pretty successful, I prepare myself to accept the sometimes ridiculous offers that come in, and remind myself this is all just "stuff" and things I haven't used or looked at in a long time.  I live on a busy corner, so I never need to advertise in the newspaper, a couple signs thrown up in the morning and a free add on Craigslist and post on FB are all I really need to grab the attention of any deal-seeking, treasure-hunting souls.

My parents brought over some items of their own to sell, and inevitably, in true garage sale style, along with a pocket-full of cash, I ended the weekend with a few extra "treasures" that my parents were planning to get rid of. 
I also gained some "friends", an offer to trim a tree, and a reminder that there is a big world out there, filled with all sorts of interesting people, who might find my junk to be their treasure.
I can't wait to spray paint this little treasure, from my room when I was a little girl :)
Happy Thoughts & Happy Garage-Sale-ing!

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  1. That is a cute lamp! I would leave the original pain job on it it looks so nice. Now to find just the right lampshade. Have a good day...Julian

  2. Such a cute lamp...full of potential!!!

  3. So cute Lisa. You make me want to lighten up my entire apartment :) Krista

  4. I really do love that little lamp, and it means so much more if you had it when a child. Well done on the garage sale, I think i might need to do one here soon as I have way to much stuff!!

  5. We are working to clean out our house right now too. A garage sale is in our very near future. That lamp is adorable. I even love it just the way it is.

  6. hello lisa,

    i'm from malaysia. saw your blog via Cindy's My Romantic Home. I love your house specially the roses' arch.. keep updating please. I love reading your writings.

    suraya, malaysia.

  7. Oh sweetie I adore this beautiful lamp, how sweet!

  8. Hi- I'm a new vistor : )That is such an adorable lamp. I love a good garage sale!


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