Monday, November 2, 2009

Time flies...

Wow, it's been over 2 weeks since I last posted, it has been a busy 2 plus weeks, that's for sure.  We celebrated my youngest daughter's 14th birthday, so scary...she's growing up so fast!   She had her first boy/girl party, and it was pretty cute, there were 11 girls and 1, yes, 1 boy!   I really think he's the only boy she invited.  Such a cute and awkward age for kids, wanting to be all grown up, but still really just kids.  My daughter is definitely not a wordly 14 year-old, she still likes snuggling up with mom at night before we go to bed.  I'm going to enjoy that for as long as I can get it!

I was given the rare opportunity to work some overtime at work, which I gladly accepted, I can definitely use the extra dinero!  I sure didn't like leaving for work in the dark and getting home after dark though, I'm grateful I don't have to work 10 hour days all the time!

I've also been working on a little side project/business, designing and making custom candy bar wrappers (see pics on the right of my blog).  I hope to eventually have a website so I can expand my sales to out of my local area.  I've had a few orders the past week or so, and plan to have some Christmas designs ready soon, so hopefully it's something that can provide me a little additional income, and I will be able to skip getting that second job I've been considering.  I really hate the thought of being away from my daughter in the evening and weekends, the times I really look forward to spending with her and doing all my chores around the house and yard.  I really enjoy being creative, so I hope this all works out.

Halloween was different this year, quiet and low key, a far cry from the usual full house we've had for the past 10 years or so.  It's so sad when kids have to grow up, I miss the excitement of little ones wearing their costumes and going trick-or-treating.  I sure did enjoy the few trick-or-treaters we had come to our door though, we even had Michael Jackson, who even did a little dance for me (he got an extra piece of candy for that!). 

Sadly, I broke my camera, the day before did I do it?  I dropped it!  It may not have been the best camera, but my girls got it for me last Christmas all on their own, and it's special to me for that reason alone.  I'm really hoping to get a better camera, but I will keep the broken one as a reminder of the thoughtfulness of my girls.Oh well, times flies when you're having and fun, and even when you're not!  I'm definitely looking forward to the calm month of November, before the hustle of Christmas is upon us.  I have a lot to be thankful for, so I'm going to spend this month thinking of all those things.  

Happy thoughts,

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